Thank you for stopping by. I do not offer personal readings at this time due to my other work and family commitments. Please sign up to the mailing list at the bottom of the page to be informed of any changes. Thank you for supporting my channel and being part of this community of lightworkers, helping to raise the vibration of the planet. Love and blessings, Clair x







Although I am not offering readings at this time, I recommend Oranum as a wonderful resource for trusted tarot readers and psychics. This is the service I personally use, however I do not recommend specific readers because I believe it is a personal decision, based on who you resonate with and your needs.

Get $10 FREE with my link: 

Oranum - http://bit.ly/2kEaVDX


Tips for finding a psychic you resonate with:

1. Sign up and get $10 free - use this free time to see if you resonate with the person you have chosen. If you don't resonate, then you haven't lost out.

2. Choose a reader with 5 star rating

3. Check the number to see how many readings they have done. Always opt for someone with a lot of experience.

4. If you don't resonate, you can always use an alternative email address and try again! 

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