Frequently asked questions

I can no longer access my download. What can I do?

Digital downloads are only available to save from the link for 30 days. Failure to save your files will result in loss of access. Please email us at lumieremystic@outlook.com if you need assistance.

Can I fall asleep during my meditation?

Yes! I have designed the meditations to be deliberately relaxing to create a deep inner experience. The subconscious mind is always listening and this is where all the positve suggestions can get to work and create lasting change to transform your life.

Can you recommend a tarot reader?

I do not recommend a specific reader because I believe it is very personal and depends on who you resoante with. I recommend setting the intention to come into Right Alignment with the perfect reader for you and let the Universe guide you.

When will you be offering readings again?

I don't have any plans to offer readings in the forseable future. I know that it is my destiny to support people 1-2-1 and I hope to offer this when the right time presents itself.

Is there an audiobook version of Attract Soulmate Love?

No. Unfortunately there is no audiobook version of any of my books. I do understand that reading isn't everybody's preference but creating an audiobook is a lot of work. In the meantime I recommend using an e-reading app.

Are there printed versions of your books?

Due to the success of Attract Soulmate Love I am now considering publishing options but currently the book is only available as an ebook.

Can you teach me the tarot?

I would love to create a tarot course and it is definitely on my list but it is not something I currently provide.

What is your zodiac sign?

Sun sign: Leo Rising sign: Libra Moon sign: Aries Venus: Gemini Jupiter / Saturn: Virgo

Do I have to be good at meditation to do your meditations?

No! You only need to be good at relaxing! You can just let the words and sounds wash over you. There is no need to concentrate or follow along and if you fall asleep then that's OK too. All the 'nutrients' of the meditation will be absorbed by your subconcious mind.

What is the difference between a guided meditation and affirmations?

Guided meditations should be done when you can safely relax completely because they create an altered state of awareness. You can use guided meditations to reprogramme your subconcious because when you are in a deeply relaxed state then the mind is more open to new suggestions and ideas. Affirmations can be done at any time of day. They are words and phrases that you can repeat out loud or silently in your mind and this reprogrammes the subconcious with new positive ideas through repitition which creates new neural pathways.

My meditation is making me feel wierd. Is this normal?

Occasionally, you may experience dreams, nightmares, intense emotions, flashbacks or physical sensations while doing a mediation or during a period of listening to a guided meditation regularly. This is a natural purging process as the energies shift and is a strong sign that you are realigning and postive changes are taking place in your subconscious through the process of releasing. However, if the experiences disturb you then please cease listening to the meditation and if symptoms persist, consult your Doctor.

What is the difference between a subliminal and affirmations?

Subliminals are affirmations which cannot be detected in the normal range of human hearing. However, subliminal affirmations are embedded in the audio (relaxing music) and can be picked up by the subconscious mind. This is an effortless way to reprogramme your subconscious. Affirmations are positive words and phases that you repeat and usually say out loud and this is a more engaged way of reprogramming your mind which many people find makes them feel really good.

Do you do zodiac readings?

Yes. Monthly zodiac readings are available to Lumiere members. You can become a member by using the JOIN button which is beneath every video on YouTube.

Do you offer an affiliate scheme?

Yes we offer an affiliate scheme. This covers the books Attract Soulmate Love and Feminine Frequency as well Clair's meditations and subliminals. You can become an affilate by becoming a member of 'Share a Sale' and searching for Love Academy. We have our own dedicated affiliate website which you can gain access to via approval with Share a Sale.