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Jump to your highest timeline with these potent miracles codes. Creation is done and your desired timeline or dream life already exists. Experiencing your higher timeline is to combine with the energy of what already is. A timeline is a particular time-space frequency which unfolds in a particular way and often when we want to create a big change in our lives, we are asking to move to a higher vibrational timeline which is more in alignment with our soul's truth. 



  • Timeline shift subliminals 60 minutes - relaxing music 
  • Ultimate timeline frequency meditation - 45 minutes (dissolving blocks and creating the new imprint). 
  • Activation vibration meditation - 30 minutes (preparing the body for the new higher frequencies)


Read by a female voice with an English accent. 


It is illegal to copy or redistribute these files once purchased. 


How to Download

Simply use the download link directly after checkout. Alternatively, you can use the download link in your confirmation email. This link is valid for 30 days only. Once downloaded your MP3 files are yours to keep, for lifetime access. 

Timeline Shift

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