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The root chakra connects us to the Earth and supplies us with everything that we need and desire. It is like a plug in a socket or being connected to mains electricity. When we connect to the root chakra, we are in touch with Source energy which provides all of our material needs. 


Often, we work hard but we don't see the rewards for our efforts. Perhaps we earn good money but it just seems to slip through our fingers or it just feels like there is never enough. This is a sign that we are not connected to the Source, via the root chakra. 


You can easily connect to the flow of abundace by aligning your root chakra, so you are connected to your supply to create a life of grace and ease. These beautiful codes will effortlessly heal your root chakra and get you connected with Earth energy, so money will magically flow in your life and you can feel good. 



  • The Money Tree prosperity meditation
  • Magic Money root chakra meditation
  • Money Wants Me! - subliminal affirmations
  • I Don't Chase, I Attract - audio affirmations 


Read by a female voice with an English accent. 


It is illegal to redistribute or sell this MP3 file once purchased. 


How to Download

Download and save your meditation from the links provided. You can access the links in the email confirmation or your receipt. Download links are valid for 30 days only. Save your files on your device for permanent access. 


Magic Money

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