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Heartbreak can be one of the most painful of human experiences. These potent codes will help you to release feelings of loss, dissapointment and rejection as you heal your heartspace and release everything that is no longer serving you. They say that 'time heals all wounds' but with this lovely collection of meditations and affirmations, we create a safe-space for you to process your emotions and reduce the time it takes for you to heal. You can experience rapid relief from painful feelings and reconnect with your authentic self - perfect, whole and complete. Deeply relaxing and filled with gorgeous imagery, these meditations will take you on a journey back to yourself, where your heart can be healed and you can feel good again with grace and ease. 



  • Forget Your Ex guided meditation
  • Heal Your Broken Heart 48 minute guided meditation 
  • Sacred Power - guided meditation to call back your power
  • Heal from heartbreak - audio affirmations


Read by a female voice with an English accent. 


It is illegal to copy or redistribute this MP3 file once purchased. 


How to Download

You will receive a download link at the checkout. There is an alternative link to your download in the confirmation email. This link is valid for 30 days only. Once you have downloaded your MP3 file, it is yours to keep for lifetime access. 


Balm for Heartbreak

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