e live in a mirror hologram, where how we feel and think about ourselves within, is reflected in our outer experience as reality. By harnessing the Law of Attraction, you can create the life of your dreams. A life filled with love, connection, wonder, prosperity and beauty. In this powerful meditation, you will reprogramme your subconcious mind in the specific direction of your intention for how you would like your life and relationships to be. 


Get on the fast track to manifesting and find out how easy life can be. Instead of trying to make things happen, you can raise your vibration to be in exact alignment with everything you desire. This means what you want is effortlessly drawn to you, just like a magnet. Let your life be blessed with miracles. 


Tips for getting results

Listen for at least 21 days. For best results; set your intention in the meditation and then relax while the universe takes care of your desire. Our advice is 'set it and forget it'. 


Duration: 37 minutes


Read by a female voice with an English accent. 


It is illegal to redistribute or sell this MP3 file once purchased. 


How to Download

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Miracle Magnet

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