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Become magnetic to your true love and draw your soulmate into your experience for a lasting and loving relationship. This powerful subliminal has been created with care and integrity and features over 40 powerful affirmations which include: 


· I am magnetic to my soulmate

· My soulmate loves me unconditionally

· I am ready for soulmate union

· My soulmate and I are effortlessly united

· My soulmate comes to me now

· I easily manifest my soulmate

· My soulmate loves and cherishes me

· I am attracting soulmate love

· My soulmate and I have a happy and loving relationship

· My soulmate and I are in perfect alignment

· Everything in the Universe is conspiring to bring my soulmate to me

· I am open and ready to receive soulmate love

· My soulmate and I share the most beautiful relationship

· I manifest my soulmate with grace and ease

· My soulmate and I create the most amazing life together

· My soulmate loves and adores me

· I am so blessed to share my life with my soulmate

· I am always spiritually guided towards my soulmate

· My soulmate and I are now in sacred union

· Being with my soulmate is easy and natural for me



Subliminals feature potent affirmations which are not audible to the human range of hearing. However, they can be detected by the subconcious. New beliefs can be introduced without the interference of the conscious mind to create powerful changes. When you change your mind, you change your life. 



Do not listen to this subliminal while driving or operating machinery. However, you can listen as you are going about your daily life - doing chores, relaxing, studying, working, working-out etc. For best results listen with headphones. 



  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Background sound: gentle music and nature sounds with White Noise for deep relaxation. 



Download and save your meditation from the links provided. You can access the links in the email confirmation or your receipt. Download links are valid for 30 days only. Save your files on your device for permanent access. 

Manifest your Soulmate Subliminal

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