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Holding on to the past can stop us from receiving the good that the Universe wants to bring us. Whether you are recently separated or you are holding on to a connection from years ago, then this beautiful guided meditation will help you to gently release and let go. Learn how you can heal faster and let go of past attachments. Some relationships cast a long shadow and can impact life many years down the line. If you have an ex from many years ago who is still impacting your relationships today - perhaps 'the one who got away', then this guided session will help to transform those energies once and for all. 


Filled with beautiful imagery, this meditation will guide you on a journey to integrate past feelings and move forward with your life with grace and ease so you can feel happy and positive about the future. 


Duration:  1 hour


Read by a female voice with an English accent.


It is illegal to copy or redistribute this MP3 file once purchased.


How to Download

Download and save your meditation from the links provided. You can access the links in the email confirmation or your receipt. Failing to save your meditation will result in loss of access as the link is only valid for 30 days. Remember to save it for permanent access.



Forget Your Ex

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