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Like attracts like and if we desire to experience more love in life then we must first tune-in to the energy of love. In any moment, we can choose love or we can choose fear. Divine Love will align you with the frequency of Universal Unconditional Love. As you open your heart more to love and you will become magnetic to love in your life.


When we attune to love then where once there were challenges and hostility, now there is harmony and warmth. When we tune-in to the love vibration life flows with ease and we become magnetic to miracles. You will begin to experience more and more love in every area of your life - from family, friends, pets, lovers and strangers. Love is the most powerful healing energy of all.


This beautiful meditation is deeply relaxing and will attune you to the frequency of Divine Love so you can experience all the love you desire and deserve in your life experience.


Duration: 30 minutes


Read by a female voice with an English accent.


It is illegal to copy or redistribute this MP3 file once purchased.


How to Download

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Divine Love

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