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Tarot Spreads for a Magical Life is a beautiful collection of 20 tarot spreads designed by Clair to help you to connect to spiritual guidance and develop your intuition. These spreads have been lovingly created to guide you on your own life's journey towards your greatest happiness and fulfilment and to navigate the ever changing waters of life. 

Perfect for all spiritual seekers, whether beginner or advanced. You can use these spreads with tarot cards, just as they are laid out or clarify each position with further tarot cards or oracle cards for greater insight if you feel called to. 

Spreads include: 

1. - A Magical Life

2. - Free Yourself

3. - From Fear to Love

4. - Point of Attraction

5. - Head vs Heart

6. - True Calling

7. - Make a Choice

8.-  Spiritual Guidance

9. - New Moon

10. - Full Moon

11. - The Four Elements 

12.- The Key

13. - A Star in the Dark

14. - The Revelation

15. - Rising Higher

16. - Navigating Change

17. - Magnetic to Love

18. - Healing a Relationship

19. - Replenish

20. One Year From Now 

Download Notes: You will receive your pdf download via email. Please save your files to your device for permanent access. 

It is illegal to redistribute, copy or sell these files. 

Printing Notes: image results may vary depending on the quality of the printer and paper used. Please use the best quality printer and paper you have access to for best results. 

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