Wilde & Rose

handmade gemstone jewellery

Wilde and Rose Jewellery is a small independent lifestyle brand, specialising in fine gemstone jewellery and personalised jewellery, all made by hand in our garden studio in England.

We believe in surrounding yourself with beautiful things — so you can feel beautiful and look beautiful. Our entire jewellery range has been carefully designed and produced by hand.

The Wilde and Rose Jewellery collection showcases an array of stunning gemstones, to balance the chakras, raise your vibration and provide gentle healing to the body and mind. 

Lumiere is proud to bring you this lovely collection of feminine jewellery, created by Clair Summer in the English countryside. To see the collection in our separate boutique, please hit the 'Visit Shop' below. 

© 2015 by Lumiere Tarot. Proudly created by Clair Summer

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