Do you often find that men don't understand you? Or you feel like you just can't get through to the man in your life? When it comes to communicating, men and women sometimes just aren't on the same page. In Feminine Frequency you will discover how to talk to a man in a way he can really hear. You will learn how to use feminine coding to communicate with a man in a profound way which will connect your heart to his and bring him closer than you ever dreamed possible. 

Feminine Frequency is the follow-up to Attract Soulmate Love and is for every woman who is ready to take her understanding of femininity and masculinity in romantic relationships to the next level. This book contains hundreds of example scripts that you can use in every day, real-life dating situations including exactly what to say. 

Get ready to turn your love life around! We also delve into the exact recipe for creating attraction and how he can see you as a woman like no other who he will want to chase and win a place in her life. The fastest way to build a deeper, more authentic and more romantic connection starts NOW.




F​eminine Frequency is for all women who are dating and looking for a long-lasting loving relationship. If your love life doesn't look like you would like it to be, you've been frustrated with dating or you are stuck in a situationship, then this book will show you how to have the beautiful relationship you have always wanted. By harnessing your natural feminine energy and learning how to express yourself with feminine energy communication, you will be able to talk to a man in a way that he can really hear you. Through genuine feminine energy expression you can build amazing rapport, get your needs met effortlessly and create lasting magnetic attraction. 

You will discover: 

  • How to date online the feminine energy way and only attract quality men. 

  • ​How to avoid getting your heart broken ever again. 

  • How to communicate from your natural femininity and create deep attraction and connection. 

  • The secret of how all men fall in love and commit.

  • How to create attraction over social media.

  • What to do if your man is acting cold or distant. 

  • The EXACT frequency which will make a man addicted to you. 

  • How to keep your enthusiasm for a new love interest from weakening his attraction. 

  • How to increase your value in a man's eyes without using masculine energy. 

  • How to create a relationship dynamic which inspires a man to give you all the affection, attention and love you desire. 


  • ​How to stop accepting crumbs from men

  • ​How to stop fear, insecurities, jealousy or urgency from ruining a good connection. 

  • The #1 thing you should be looking for in a guy before you give him your heart. 

  • ​Easy ways to release anxiety and make dating fun again. 

  • How to keep a man's energy coming towards you for the long term. 

  • How to NOT get too invested in a guy before he has fallen for you. 


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