I can no longer access my download - what can I do? 

Digital downloads are only available to save from the link for 30 days before the link expires. Failure to save your files will result in loss of access. Please email us at lumieremystic@outlook.com with your order number if you need assistance. 

Can I fall asleep during my meditation? 

Yes! I have designed the meditations to be deliberately relaxing to create a deep inner experience. The subconscious mind is always listening and this is where all the positive suggestions can get to work and create lasting change to transform your life. 

Can you recommend a tarot reader? 

I do not recommend a specific reader because I believe it is very personal and must be someone you resonate with. I recommend setting the intention to come into Right Alignment with your perfect tarot reader and leaving it to the Universe to guide you in your decision. 


When will you be offering readings again? 

I don't have any plans to offer readings in the foreseeable future. I know that it is my destiny to support people 1-2-1 and I hope to offer this when the right time presents itself. 

Is there an Audiobook version of Attract Soulmate Love? 

No. Unfortunately there is no audiobook version of Attract Soulmate Love. I do understand that reading isn't every body's preference but creating an audiobook is a lot of work. It is something I would consider doing in the future, but not at the present moment. There are apps available which will read a PDF document for you and some people find this helpful. 

Is there a printed version of Attract Soulmate Love? 

Due to the success of the book, I am considering publishing options but currently the book is only available as an eBook. 


Can you teach me the tarot? 

I would love to produce a tarot course but I am currently too busy with my other projects, although it is something I would consider in the future. 

What is your star sign? 

Sun: Leo

Moon: Aries

Rising: Libra

Venus: Gemini

Jupier /Saturn: Virgo

Do I have to be good at meditation to do your guided meditations? 

No! My guided meditations are a wonderful opportunity for you to relax completely. Just let the sounds wash over you and don't worry if you fall asleep. It is such an easy way to change your life. All the 'nutrients' from the meditation will be absorbed by your subconscious mind where they can do the good work of changing your core beliefs. 


What is the difference between a guided meditation and affirmations? 

Affirmations can be done at any time of day e.g. when you are driving or doing chores. They are words and phrases which you repeat to help re-programme your mind with positive beliefs. Guided meditations can be listened to when you can safely  relax and maybe even fall asleep. These create an altered brain state which help your mind to accept new beliefs about yourself and your life to create a new reality. 

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