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I can no longer access my download - what can I do? 

Digital downloads are only available to save from the link for 30 days before the link expires. Failure to save your files will result in loss of access. Please email us at lumieremystic@outlook.com with your order number if you need assistance. 

Can I fall asleep during my meditation? 

Yes! I have designed the meditations to be deliberately relaxing to create a deep inner experience. The subconscious mind is always listening and this is where all the positive suggestions can get to work and create lasting change to transform your life. 

Can you recommend a tarot reader? 

I do not recommend a specific reader because I believe it is very personal and must be someone you resonate with. I recommend setting the intention to come into Right Alignment with your perfect tarot reader and leaving it to the Universe to guide you in your decision. 


When will you be offering readings again? 

I don't have any plans to offer readings in the foreseeable future. I know that it is my destiny to support people 1-2-1 and I hope to offer this when the right time presents itself.