The Akashic records are a non physical, vibrational library. Those who frequent it say this space contains every emotion, experience and thought that has ever happened to every soul that has ever existed. You could call it a Google search for your own soul. Accessing your Akashic records often feels like coming home. 

The records provide information from the time your soul was created and you can experience everything from your past lives—to the future possibilities you are manifesting. Clients can delve into the meaning of their life and ask their deepest questions to understand themselves and their life purpose. You can use what resonates to guide you in a myriad of ways including starting a business, overcoming limiting patterns, beginning a project, finding your next step in life or your perfect location. The Akashic records can become the most powerful tool in your spiritual kit.



Reading the Akashic Records for your soul - with Misha

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